We are looking for "A Players" to help us deliver the best in protective eyewear to Adventure seekers & Defence and Emergency Service personnel.

We offer an environment where people can thrive in an inspiring, safe and friendly community of passionate individuals.

Being part of the Wiley X Australia team comes with some great advantages including:

  • Flexible work hours that allow work-life balance

  • Time off on weekends, public holidays and over the Christmas-New Year period

  • Free parking on-site within the complex

If you're looking to work in a great team environment that appreciates and rewards your efforts, then check out our Core Values and Current Positions available, and see if there's a right fit for you.

Our Core Values

Working with us is not for everyone. We're not just looking for skills and experience, having shared values is just as important. 

Here's what we value most:

✅ TRUST (INTEGRITY)  We are open, honest, and consistent in our behaviour and can be relied upon. We generate confidence in others through our professional, ethical approach.

✅ ATTENTION TO DETAIL  We take the time to get it right, even if it takes a little more attention & effort.

✅ CUSTOMER FOCUS  We understand the importance of customer service. We listen to and understand the needs of our customers and meet and exceed customer expectations.

✅ TEAMWORK  We work cooperatively with others in a team setting in order to achieve results and team goals.

✅ INNOVATION We question the way things are done, learn from past mistakes, and generate new and creative ideas to improve the status quo.

✅ COMMUNICATION  We communicate clearly & effectively with a wide range of people, verbally and in writing.

✅ SELF MANAGEMENT  We plan and organise work to achieve great outcomes. We are proactive, focused, and take action to overcome obstacles and follow through to completion.

If it looks like we might be a fit, and you're one of those people working towards making this world a little bit better...then we encourage you to take the next steps and apply below. 

Current Jobs available:

Optical Dispenser - Part time

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Retail / Customer Service Assistant

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Marketing Manager - Part time

Coming soon - contact for details