Most Wiley X models are prescription compatible and can be fitted with single vision prescription lenses. Progressive (multi-focal) prescription lenses may also be accommodated, except for RX inserts. Suitable frames are marked with the RX Ready icon (Prescription Ready) and noted in the product description.

Wiley X Australia now offer a Prescription Lens service. We offer Digital lenses in Single Vision and Progressive (Multi-focal), prepared and fitted in Australia. 

Prescription Lens Orders currently take around 2-3 weeks to deliver.

Alternatively, you can contact your preferred Optometrist to order your Wiley X prescription. 

Polycarbonate Lenses

Wiley X Australia uses Polycarbonate lenses only for our prescription orders. Polycarbonate lenses offer the best and most consistent protection impact protection.

All prescription orders using Wiley X frames should be filled with polycarbonate lenses only. Materials such as CR-39 or similar are not suitable as they could chip or shatter and offer less impact protection. Although some uncoated high index materials will perform almost as well as polycarbonate, when they are coated they will shatter under the same impact.

Our prescription lenses are 100% impact resistant lenses. They will protect your eyes from debris, rocks and other stuff from hitting your eyes. However, they are not formally certified as safety glasses.

RX inserts

RX inserts can be fitted with prescription lenses to wear with the following WX models: VAPOR, ROGUE, SABER Advanced, PT-1, and SPEAR goggle.

RX inserts can be fitted with Single Vision lenses only. RX inserts are NOT suitable for Progressive lenses (multi-focal lenses), as there is not enough depth in the lens to accomodate a progressive prescription.

We recommend Anti-fog coating with all RX insert prescriptions as they are being worn behind the primary lens.

Prescription lenses for RX inserts must be made with a Polycarbonate lens only. Materials such as CR-39 or similar are not suitable as they could chip or shatter and offer less impact protection. 

Digital Edge thinning

Most Wiley X frames are suitable for our standard Digital lenses for prescriptions between -4.00 to +3.00 (Power range = SPH + CYL).

For prescriptions outside this range, we offer a lens with Digital Edge thinning to reduce the edge thickness of the lens.

Depending on the prescription and the preferred frame, we may be able accomodate prescriptions in a range of -7.00 to +5.00 using a lens with Digital Edge Thinning.

Please contact us for more information on your specific prescription requirements.

Polarised & tinted options

Prescription Lenses can be prepared in polarised or non-polarised lenses. We offer clear or tinted lenses in a range of colours.


Anti-fog coating or Anti-reflective coating can be added if required, or we can add a mirror coating if preferred. Coatings are not available in lenses with Digital Edge Thinning. 

Ordering Prescription Lenses

Once you have selected your preferred frame from our website, please email us with your current RX Prescription & PD (Pupillary Distance), along with the following preferences:

  • Frame preference
  • Single vision lens or Progressive (multi-focal) lens
  • Lens Type: Polarised or non-polarised
  • Lens Colour: Clear lens or tint colour
  • Coatings required: Anti-fog, Anti-reflective or Mirror coating (Coatings not available for lenses with Digital Edge Thinning).

We will then email you a quote for the frame fitted with prescription lenses within 1-3 days.

Not sure which frame or lens options to choose?

You're welcome to phone or email us and make an appointment for a phone consultation to discuss the best options for you.

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Health Fund Rebates: Currently we are not able to offer a Health Fund receipt for you to claim a rebate on your prescription purchase. If you are planning on claiming your purchase on a Health Fund, we are happy to refer you to one of our Optical partners to assist with your prescription lens requirements. We expect to have our Health Fund rebate option available soon.

RX Prescription: An RX prescription is what an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist provides to correct your vision by using eyewear with corrective lenses. Only an RX prescription written for eyewear will work. An RX prescription for Contact Lenses is not an option. Wiley X recommends that our customers get an eye examination every two years, or more frequently if there are changes in your vision.

PD: Pupillary distance (PD) is the distance between your pupils. This is needed for the Prescription Lab to know where to place the optical centre on each lens in every prescription eyewear.