Frame Technology

Wiley X eyewear is more than just polycarbonate lenses capable of stopping the impact from a 12 gauge shotgun. Absolute. Premium. Protection. means that the eyewear frame for every spectacle and google meets the same ballistic and safety standards as the lenses.

All  Wiley X frames are tested to ANSI Z87.1-2010 & EN.166 safety and optical standards, where the lens must remain in the frame after impact and the frame must remain intact. A select range of tactical eyewear are also tested to MIL-PRF-32432[GL] Ballistic Standard for spectacles and goggles.


full-frame-technology-image2.jpgFULL FRAME













half-frame-technology-image2.jpgHALF FRAME















comm-temples-image.jpgCOMM TEMPLES

The new very thin Comm Temples offer the user of shooting earmuffs and other ear mounted communication devices a comfortable fit. Almost not noticeable, it will keep you focused during a long day at work. The thin design keeps your comfortable at any time. Currently available on the WX Rogue.

Comm Temples 0.9 mm
Regular Temples 4.0 mm



removable-facial-cavity-seal-image.jpgFACIAL CAVITY™ SEAL

Fine dust and pollen, as well as wind, can cause long-term eye irritation, such as Dry Eye Syndrome. Peripheral light can also diminish optical clarity. Wiley X patented removable soft foam FACIAL CAVITY™ SEAL blocks out even the finest irritants and peripheral light, protecting the eyes and allowing polarised lenses to perform at peak levels.

Available in all styles in the Climate Control Series.

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