Prescription Lens ONLY - fitted to your RX Carrier (TLRX) - suits Vapor 2.5 (Single Vision)

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This item includes:

  • Custom Single Vision Prescription Lenses only, made to your Prescription and fitted to your TLRX RX Carrier. 


You will need to send your own RX CARRIER to us to fit with Prescription lenses. Include a copy of your order with your RX Carrier.

If you don't have an RX Carrier, you will need to order the RX Carrier Kit for Vapor 2.5
If you need this item urgently, we suggest you order the RX Insert Kit so we can process your order immediately.

Lenses are 1.59 Polycarbonate Shatterproof Clear Lenses with Anti-Fog / Anti-Reflective Coating

These lenses suit the TLRX Carrier which can be worn with WX Vapor 2.5
RX Carrier Kit for WX Vapor 2.5 are NOT included with this item.

Lenses for the RX Carrier are not available in a Progressive (Multi-Focal) prescription, due to the small lens size. Only a Single Vision prescription can be accommodated in the lens.


  • After you place your order, please reply to the Order Confirmation with a copy of your prescription, including your PD (Pupillary Distance)
  • Once we have your Order and Prescription (including PD) we will confirm your order and get your custom lenses underway.
  • Prescriptions must be current within the past 2 years.
  • Lead time for custom Prescription Lenses is currently 2-3 weeks from date of confirmed order.
  • Contact us here if you have questions before you order.
  • Email us here with your Prescription & PD if you would like us to check your prescription is suitable for an RX insert before you order.

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